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3M-NANO 2014 Secretariat:


Phone: +86 431 85582926
Mobile: +86 13578985670
Fax: +86 431 85582925
  Useful Travel Information  
How to get to Academia Sinica (the venue of 3M-NANO 2014)
1. From "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport" to "Academia Sinica"

(1) By Taxi (around NT$1,500)
(2) By Bus to "Taipei Station" (NT$150) + Taxi to "Academia Sinica" (around NT$350)
(3) By Bus (NT$115) + Taxi (around NT$100)
*Take bus (Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation: Route 1843) to "Taipei World Trade
Center Nangang Exhibition Hall".
*Take taxi to "Academia Sinica".
(4) By Bus (NT$150) + MRT (NT$25) + Bus (NT$15)
*Take bus to "Taipei Station".
*Take MRT to "Nangang Station", No. 1 exit.
*Take bus 212-straight/270/270-shuttle/BL25 to "Academia Sinica".
(5) By Bus (NT$150) + MRT (NT$25) + Bus (NT$15)
*Take bus to "Taipei Station".
*Take MRT to "Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station", No.2 exit.
*Take bus 212/205/645 (vice-line)/ 645/620/306 to "Academia Sinica".
(6) By Bus (NT$150) + Bus (NT$30)
*Take bus to "Taipei Station".
*Take bus 212-straight/270/205 to "Academia Sinica".
2. From "Taipei Songshan Airport" to "Academia Sinica"

(1) By Taxi (around NT$350)
(2) By MRT (NT$35) + Bus (NT$15)
*Take MRT to "Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station", No. 2 exit.
*Take bus 212/205/645 (vice-line) /645/620/306 to "Academia Sinica".
(3) By Bus (NT$30)
*Take bus 205/306 to "Academia Sinica Stop".
3. Map Download
[1] Map from Airport to Academia Sinica
[2] Map of Academia Sinica
[3] Location of Academia Sinica in Taipei
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Annual Rainy Days: 168 days
Average Temperature: 23.3°C
Absolute Highest Temperature: 38.6°C (July 3, 2010)
Absolute Lowest Temperature: 7°C (January 13, 2010)
Average Relative Humidity: 75.5%
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